? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Shokria (Rose) Meena Nershi  

Birth:        9 Mar 1897 Homs, Syria
Death:        19 Sep 1969 New York City, New York, United States
Burial:       23 Sep 1969 North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
Religion:     Greek Orthodox, then Presbyterian

Father:    Meno Nershi (✝︎>1912 Syria)
Mother:    Lamya Affief (*1870 Homs, Syria ✝︎1941 Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey, United States)

Married	Albert (Massouh) J Husni (*1903 Homs, Syria ✝︎1957 Nanuet, Rockland, New York, United States)
	     6 Jun 1925 Union City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
    1. Edward (Najeeb) Husni, R.Ph. (*Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States ✝︎Cedar Grove, Essex, New Jersey, United States)
    2. Olga Husni (*1928 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States ✝︎2014 Whippany, Morris, New Jersey, United States)
    3. Charles Husni (*1930 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States ✝︎1975 New Jersey, United States)
    4. Gloria Husni (*1932 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States ✝︎2010 Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey, United States)

Shokria arrived in the US on 14 July 1912 with her brother Tufic and his wife aboard the S.S. New York (passenger ship list dated 15 July 1912), departing from Cherbourg and landing in New York City. She lived with her brother Tufic in 1920. She stood 5 feet 1½ inches tall and had chestnut hair and blue eyes. She worked as a seamstress in a kimono factory run by Saleem Husni. She knew her future husband already in Syria. She resided at 614 Dood St., Union City, at the time of her marriage. She bought the three-story flat at 100-102 Highpoint Avenue, Weehawken, from her brother Ben Nershi in 1942. She died of complications from diabetes at Beekman Downtown Hospital in Manhattan. She lies buried in Grove Church Cemetery, North Bergen. SSN 150-16-9351. She may have been born in 1896.

HUS10 gives her ship and date of passage as the S.S. Olympic of the White Star Line on 3 July 1912. CEN1930 gives her age as 29.

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