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    Lamya Affief  

Birth:        1 Oct 1870 Homs, Syria
Death:        1 Mar 1941 Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
Burial:       3 Mar 1941 North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
Religion:     Greek Orthodox

Father:    George Affief (*Syria)

Married	Meno Nershi (✝︎>1912 Syria)
    1. Thomas Toufic Nershi (*1884 Homs, Syria ✝︎1959 Gloversville, Fulton, New York, United States)
    2. Jameli (Jennie) Nershi (*1885 Syria ✝︎1958)
    3. Loga (Olga) Nershi (*1887 ✝︎c1912)
    4. Shefia (Sophie) Nershi (*1890 ✝︎1968 Hudson, New Jersey, United States)
    5. Shokria (Rose) Meena Nershi (*1897 Homs, Syria ✝︎1969 New York City, New York, United States)
    6. Ben Beheej M Nershi (*1906 ✝︎1964 Santa Barbara, California, United States)

Or Afeef. Her death certificate gives her first name as Lima. She was married at 15 years of age. She was betrothed even earlier; her parents had died, so she slept with her mother-in-law-to-be until she reached womanhood. She came to the US on the S.S. Byron sailing from Piraeus Greece and landing in New York 19 Apr 1933. She lived in Weehawken, first with the family of her daughter Rose Husni, then with her son Ben Husni, then with Thomas Nershi at 216 Shippen St. She died of heart failure from arteriosclerosis, had gangrene in her right foot due to diabetes mellitus.

NYPL2 gives her age as 71 in 1933, implying a birthyear of about 1862.

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