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[M]     Meno Nershi

Death:        after 1912 Syria
Religion:     Greek Orthodox

Married	Lamya Affief (*1870 Homs, Syria ✝︎1941 Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey, United States)
    1. Thomas Toufic Nershi (*1884 Homs, Syria ✝︎1959 Gloversville, Fulton, New York, United States)
    2. Jameli (Jennie) Nershi (*1885 Syria ✝︎1958)
    3. Loga (Olga) Nershi (*1887 ✝︎c1912)
    4. Shefia (Sophie) Nershi (*1890 ✝︎1968 Hudson, New Jersey, United States)
    5. Shokria (Rose) Meena Nershi (*1897 Homs, Syria ✝︎1969 New York City, New York, United States)
    6. Ben Beheej M Nershi (*1906 ✝︎1964 Santa Barbara, California, United States)

Or Mina. The Nershis lived at Harret Bestan El Divan (probably same as Bustan Al-Diwan or بســـتان الـدّيوان), Homs Syria.

Sources: HUS3, HUS5, EIR
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