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Here are some of my current genealogical mysteries: research hot topics, gaps, dead ends. If you should have any information, advice, or tips, however slight, please send me email!


Where did Charles Hackel come from?

Hackel, Charles A (*1847 Sachsen, Germany ✝︎1893 Vinita, Craig, Indian Territory, United States)
The Hackel family history book written in 1976 only says he was from "Germany, near Austria". The passenger list of the S.S. Smidt says he was from Germany. In his 1872 declaration of intent to become a citizen of the US, he was listed as a subject of the King of Prussia. The 1880 federal census lists his birthplace as Germany. The 1885 Nebraska state census shows his place of birth as Saxony. In his 1892 naturalization papers, he was termed a subject of the Emperor of Austria before naturalization in the US. Where was he really from, and how did he meet his future wife Babette Hermine Schmidt?

Where did Babette Schmidt's family go after 1851?

Schmidt, Babette Hermine (*1849 Mülsen St. Niclas, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎1910 near Ord, Valley, Nebraska, United States)
For many years, Babette's origin was just as mysterious as that of her husband Charles Hackel. Some old family letters finally provided the clues that, with the help of the Arbeitskreis Vogtländische Familienforscher and the author of the Ortsfamilienbuch Mülsen St. Niclas und Mülsen St. Jacob 1604 - 1795, led to the identification of her birthplace as Mülsen St. Niclas. But her Schmidt family (her father Christian Friedrich Schmidt, mother Johanna Friederike Schubert, and all her living siblings) completely disappeared from Mülsen St. Niclas after 1851, as none of them appear in the Mülsen church records after that year. Where did they go? Where and how did she meet her future husband? And why did she travel to the US with him but under her maiden name?

Where was Mary Hackel born?

Hackel, Mary Anna (*1872 near Pentwater?, Oceana, Michigan, United States ✝︎1966 Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, United States)
The Hackel family history book gives Mary's birthplace as "Bentwater, Michigan", but there is no such town in Michigan. It is probably Pentwater or Benton Harbor, but how can we be sure? I could find no mention of a Hackel birth around that time in the local Pentwater press. The 1875 Kansas census says she was born in Nebraska, The 1880 federal census gives her birthplace as Wisconsin, and the 1885 Nebraska census lists her birthplace as Michigan. Keeping in mind that her father Charles A Hackel declared his intent to become a citizen at the district court in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska, on 29 Aug 1872, only six weeks after her birth, it is quite possible that she was indeed born in Nebraska. If so, it may have been somewhere near Columbus. There is a Loup Township just to the west of Columbus, and "loup" could possibly be interpreted as "bent water".

Where is Dehmen bei Stralsund?

Gierke, Johann Salomon (*Dehmen bei Stralsund, Pommern, Germany ✝︎1817 Dömitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany)
A musketeer in the garrison of the Dömitz fortress in the Napoleonic era, Johann Salomon Gierke is listed in 1809 in the Dömitz church records as being the son of the late Johann Friedrich Giercke from "Dehmen bei Strahlsund", "Dehmern beÿ Stralsund", or just Stralsund. Where is this Dehmen/Dehmern bei Stralsund?

Research directions

I am currently auditing my whole ancestral tree, adding references to church register entries, with links to online databases as available. Chief sources for this effort are FamilySearch and Archion. You can track my recent progress on this audit and on other current research on my What's New page.