Eggert Family Genealogy

    Johann Georg Vetter

Birth:        19 Jul 1642 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany
Baptism:      20 Jul 1642 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany
Death:        31 Dec 1710 Alsterweiler, Pfalz, Germany
Burial:       2 Jan 1711
Religion:     Catholic

Father:    Hans Jacob Vetter (~1616 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany)
Mother:    Catharina Sauerhammer (*c1616 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1653/1657)

Married	Margaretha (*c1654 ⚰︎1731 Alsterweiler, Pfalz, Germany)
	     before 1685
    1. Johann Georg Vetter (*c1692 Alsterweiler, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1754 ⊙)
    2. Maria Eva Vetter (*c1696 Alsterweiler, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1773 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany)

Cooper in Alsterweiler, probably residing at Hauptstr. 14 and Hauptstr. 53.

MAIKOFB labels as possible the assignment of his parents (and names them inconsistently as Georg and Barbara Vetter) and estimates his birthdate as about 1660.

Sources: MAIK(*1642/Jul19), MAIK(✝︎1710/Dec31), MAIKOFB(Page: 854, ID: 6665), MAIKOFB(Page: 854, ID: 6663.1), MAIK2(Page: 341)
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