Eggert Family Genealogy

    Adolph Kann

Birth:        about 1588
Death:        , age listed as 80y
Burial:       1668 Netze, Waldeck, Germany

    1. Andreas Kann (*c1638 ⚰︎1668 Netze, Waldeck, Germany)
    2. Elsam Khann ()
    3. Johann Peter Kann (*c1643 Netze?, Waldeck, Germany ⚰︎1714 Netze, Waldeck, Germany)

Adolph was arrested and tried for witchcraft in 1668. He was accused of being able to make himself invisible, of causing livestock to become ill and then well again, and of causing the enemy’s fire in battle to always miss its target. Among the witnesses was his wife, unnamed in the protocol, who testified that she knew he was of bad repute before they were married, but hoped that the rumors would come to nothing. Adolph said that he didn’t know how old he was, perhaps almost 70. He was called a “homo robustus”, a robust man, and said it was because he hadn’t had hard work, having been a herdsman for 20 years and been off at war before that.

According to the Netze burial register, Adolph, his son Andreas, and daughter-in-law Margaretha Kunzman were beheaded at the same time on the charge of poisoning and were buried together in one coffin. Because they had confessed outside of torture, they were not cremated, but were considered by the pastor to be “another miserable example”. (“uno actu ob veneficium decollati, postea in uno loculo simul sepulti corpora corum quoniam extra torturam confessierunt, non cremata, alias miserabile exemplum”). Adolph, who had been arrested and had confessed to witchcraft, had denounced his own son Andreas of also participating in witchcraft.

Connection as father of Peter Kann is documented in the 23 Nov 1656 baptism of Johann Henrich Krummel.

Adolph is probably the Adolph Kann, herdsman, involved in an altercation and subsequent court proceedings concerning an ox supposedly taken by imperial soldiers in Elben in 1647 and recovered by him.

Sources: NETZEWEV(~1656/Nov23 (Johann Henrich Krummel)), NETZEWEV(⚰︎1668), WALDAK141A1008, WALDAK115_4n296
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