Eggert Family Genealogy

    Naseba Mtanous Huswani

Death:        Syria

Married	Najeeb Younes Husni (✝︎>1912 Syria)
    1. Tamini Husni (*1897 Homs, Syria ✝︎1990 Miami, Dade, Florida, United States)
    2. Bediah Husni (*c1899 ✝︎1997/1999 Syria)
    3. Bedieh (Ben) Husni (✝︎1985/1999)
    4. Albert (Massouh) J Husni (*1903 Homs, Syria ✝︎1957 Nanuet, Rockland, New York, United States)
    5. Maneer Husni (*c1903 ✝︎1996 Argentina)
    6. Tameen Husni (✝︎<1999)
    7. Adib Husni (✝︎1998 Syria)
    8. Nassib Husni (*1910 ✝︎c1912)
    9. Subheh Husni (✝︎c1994 Homs, Syria)
   10. Beheeja Husni (✝︎c1996)
   11. Bahig Husni (✝︎1998 Syria)

Naseba (or Nessiba) died in Syria at the age of 93. She could still thread a needle at her advanced age. At her death, the grief was so intense that a daughter jumped into her grave. Her family nickname was Kalooky.

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