Eggert Family Genealogy

    Margarete Haddendorff

Birth:        Lüdersfeld?, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Mother:    ____ (✝︎>1679 Lüdersfeld?, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)

Married(1) Laeg Heine (~1642 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ✝︎1669/1671)
	     1 Dec 1669 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
    1. Catharina Heine (~1670 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    2. Hanß Heine (✝︎>1671)

Married(2) Johann Spannuth (~1644 Volksdorf, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ✝︎>1693)
	     2 Oct 1671 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
    1. Engel Spannuth (~1674 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ⚰︎1747 ⊙)
    2. Margreta Spannuth (~1679 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    3. Johann Ernst Andreas Spannuth (~1682 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    4. Johann Hermann Spannuth (~1684 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ⚰︎1757 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)

Or Haddendorps/Haddendorf. Her 1671 marriage entry in the Meerbeck church records lists her name as Hadenkopff. Her dowry was 140 Thaler, one horse, a cow, a bull, a forged Stell, and half the wedding banquet. She may have come from Lüdersfeld.

She was apparently not the wife of Herm Bunnemann in Lüdersfeld, married about 26 Feb 1660. That Margarete was the daughter of Jacob Haddendorff from Ohndorf and continued to live in marriage in Lüdersfeld until her death about 18 Jul 1675. EHEBERED2 identifies the Margarete who married Laeg Heine in 1669 as possibly being from Lüdersfeld. If that is the case, then her father was probably Hans Haddendorf (1604?-1689), son of Wilke Haddendorp (1573-1653), both of Lüdersfeld Nr. 57.

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