Eggert Family Genealogy

    Heinrich Rhewinkel

Birth:        about 1690
Death:        about 1760
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Hinrich Rewinckel (✝︎<1728)
Mother:    ____ ()

Married	Anne Catherine Martens (*c1690 ✝︎1731)
    1. Henrich Joachim Rewinckel (*c1727 ✝︎1772 Langendorf, Hannover, Germany)

There is no Rewinkel listed in Langendorf in the Huldigungsregister des Fürstentums Dannenberg 1671. Langendorf was totally destroyed in the Thirty Years' War and was uninhabited for decades. The Rewinkel family thus probably did not live in Langendorf until the late 17th century. Their origin is unknown, but it could lie in the vicinity of Celle, where there are still Rehwinkels living and where there is a Forsthaus Rehwinkel. Their origin may perhaps be in Holstein, where some immigrants to Langendorf originated. Or it could be in Hamburg, where a Jacob Rewinckel is documented in 1573.

Sources: LD2(Page: 1), HFDAN(Page: 66), REW60(Page: 600)
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