Eggert Family Genealogy

    Hinrich Rewinckel

Death:        before 1728
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	____ ()
    1. Heinrich Rhewinkel (*c1690 ✝︎c1760)
    2. Catharine Judith Rewinckels (*1698 ✝︎1768 Langendorf, Hannover, Germany)
    3. Ursula Catharina Maria Rewinckels ()

Death date upper bound is deduced from presumed daughter Ursula Catharina Maria Rewinckels marriage in 1728, where she is called the step-daughter of Hermann Crantz.

He may be the Hinrich Rehwinkel born about 1640 in Barmbostel, near Celle and married 17.04.1672 in Hermannsburg near Celle to Engel Bergmann from Wulfsode near Uelzen.

Sources: WENDAKB(Archiv-ID: 686436, Langendorf, Nr. 1, Seite 8, Abschnitt 4), WENDAKB(Archiv-ID: 686436, Trebel, Nr. 1 (daughter Ursula Catharina Maria Rewinckels)), CELLENORD(ID: I96644)
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