? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    David Geigenmüller  

Birth:        Weißensandt, Vogtland, Sachsen, Germany
Baptism:      4 Dec 1603 Treuen, Vogtland, Sachsen, Germany
Death:        between 1662 and 1727
Religion:     Reformed, then Catholic

Father:    Christoph Geigenmüller (*c1555 ✝︎1612 Lengenfeld, Vogtland, Sachsen, Germany)
Mother:    Martha Schote (*1558)

Married(1) Magdalena Schwartzin ()
	     Feb 1637 Franziskaner Kloster, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany

Married(2) Eva (*c1620 ✝︎>1662)
    1. Andreas Geigenmüller (*c1643)
    2. Johann Jacob Geigenmüller (*c1649 ✝︎1708 Landau, Pfalz, Germany)

Miller in Offenbach an der Queich. He and his brother Egidius had their birth certificates forwarded from Treuen to Heidelberg. He purchased the mills in Offenbach on 5 March 1662. Before this purchase, he was the miller in Zeiskam. His heirs owned a house near the corner of Enggasse and Hauptstraße in Offenbach/Queich in 1727. He was of the Reformed faith initially, then Catholic.

OFFBCH2 and OFFBCH7 give his name as Velten.

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