? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Georg Schubert  

Birth:        about 1640 Thierfeld, Sachsen, Germany
Burial:       between 1676 and 1677 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Married(1) Maria? ()

Married(2) Catharina Motz (*c1640 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany)
	     about 1661
    1. Johann Schubert (*c1672 Zschocken?, Sachsen, Germany ⚰︎1743 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany)

Georg bought Nr. 47 Zschocken Altschönburgisch Anteil on 18 May 1665 for 399 florins from the widow Leuschel. His widow sold it on 10 Dec 1680 for 399 florins to her second husband, Georg Werner. Georg Schubert received money 1671–1676 from the Georg Schubert farm in Thierfeld, which may have been his father's farm.

AFN gives his birthdate as about 1636.

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