? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Tönnies Jochim Hahlbom  

Baptism:      26 Dec 1668 Woltersdorf, Hannover, Germany
Death:        1727
Burial:       Woltersdorf, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Berend Halbaum ()
Mother:    Annen Kratz (~1647 Trebel, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1715 Groß Breese, Trebel, Hannover, Germany)

Married	Maria Anna Jeriakes (~1669 Trebel, Hannover, Germany ⚰︎1741 Woltersdorf, Hannover, Germany)
	     23 Oct 1694 Woltersdorf, Hannover, Germany
    1. Greta Ilsa Hahlbom (~1707 Woltersdorf, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1771 Gedelitz, Trebel, Hannover, Germany)

From Groß Breese.

Taufpaten: Jochim … aus Lantze, Peter Schulte aus Großen Brese und Catharina, Hinrich Halebooms Tochter aus Großen Brese.

His death entry in the Woltersdorf church records is merely listed under the year number, with no further information. SCHUB2 gives two marriage dates, 23.10.1694 and 30.10.1694.

Sources: TREBEL, TREBEL3, SCHUB2(Page: 84, ID: Woltersdorf.155, 158)
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