? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Thomas Dauscher  

Birth:        about 1515 Rödlitz?, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany
Death:        about 1568 Rödlitz?, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany
Religion:     Catholic, then Lutheran

Father:    Wolf Dauscher (*c1490 ✝︎c1566 Rödlitz?, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany)

    1. Marcus Dauscher (*c1540 Rödlitz?, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎1576 Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany)

On 22 March 1560 he bought Lorentz Matz' garden in Rödlitz (or Hohndorf?) for 35 "gute Schock". He sold it in turn to Thomas Fritzschen on 10 February 1563 for the same price. This property paid taxes to the Herrschaft Schonburgk.

On 15 October 1565 he bought his father's property in Rödlitz for 50 florins, and granted him use of a field and meadow behind the house as a life pension.

Sources: TAUSCHER2, KRUEGKH(here)
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