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    Johann Spannuth  

Birth:        Volksdorf, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
Baptism:      31 Aug 1644 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
Death:        after 1693
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Spannuth (*c1595 ✝︎>1659)
Mother:    Engel Woltemate ()

Married	Margarete Hardekopff (*Ohndorf, Hohnhorst, Schaumburg, Hessen-Kassel, Germany)
	     2 Oct 1671 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
    1. Engel Spannuth (~1674 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ⚰︎1747 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    2. Margreta Spannuth (~1679 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    3. Johann Ernst Andreas Spannuth (~1682 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    4. Johann Hermann Spannuth (~1684 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ⚰︎1757 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)

Linenweaver and Brinksitzer in Hespe. He is listed among the tradesmen in Hespe in 1674. He inherited a farm in Hespe when he married the widow Heine. Heine's parents retained their rights to live on the farm and received an allowance of 4 thalers a year because they bought additional land for clearing. His stepson Hanß Heine received 10 thalers, a cow, and a half dowry, in addition to 8 thalers from Hanß Hitseman and 7 thalers from Hartman Möller. Johann Spannuth received 15 thalers, a cow, and a half dowry from his brother-in-law Johann Wichgreffen. He appears in the property tax list of 1693 in Hespe.

Taufpate: Herting Niemen aus Volksdorf.

MERBO gives his marriage date as 3 Oct 1671.

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