? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Anna Apolonia Jung  

Birth:        about 1665
Death:        30 Dec 1745 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany
Burial:       30 Dec 1745
Religion:     Catholic

Father:    Johann Peter Jung (*c1640 Zeiskam?, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎>1689)

Married	Johann Tobias Hagenauer (*1662 ⚰︎1721 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)
	     15 Feb 1689 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany
    1. Johann Didacus Hagenauer (~1690 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)
    2. Johann Matheus Hagenauer (~1693 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)
    3. Anna Margaretha Hagenauer (~1695 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany ⚰︎1699 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)
    4. Matthias Hagenauer (~1697 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)
    5. Anna Margaretha Hagenauer (~1700 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)
    6. Anna Rosina Hagenauer (~1702 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1735 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)
    7. Anna Catharina Hagenauer (~1705 Zeiskam, Pfalz, Germany)

ZEISK and FSTB gives her age at death as 69 and her late husband's name as Matthias. This means that this death information may apply to a different woman. But since Anna Apolonia's husband had died 20 years earlier, her late husband's name and her own age could easily have been in error.

Sources: BELLH(⚭1722/May3 (daughter Anna Rosina Hagenauer)), ZEISK(✝︎1745/Dec30), FSGT(Batch: C96752-1, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 247678), ULLM11, FSTB(Batch: B96752-1, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 247678)
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