? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Wilhelm Ackemann  

Birth:        Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
Baptism:      7 May 1648 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
Death:        after 1707
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Hartman Ackeman (✝︎1670/1674)
Mother:    Geseke Bögeholtz (✝︎>1674)

Married	Margarete Schröder (~1640 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ✝︎>1707)
	     2 Nov 1674 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
    1. Johann Ernst Ackemann (~1676 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ✝︎<1730)
    2. Anna Margreta Ackemann (~1680 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    3. Anna Maria Ackemann (~1684 Hespe, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)

He had five baptismal sponsors. His mother wanted to leave her farm to him, but the government didn't approve.

He was a witness to his brother Hanß' marriage contract in 1678, to his brother's stepson Hans Vehling in 1697, and to his own son Johann Ernst Ackeman in 1707. He appears in the property tax list of 1693 in Hespe.

Testibus: Schröder, Johan; Akeman, Tonies; Meier, Herman, Hiddensen.

MERBOFB gives his marriage date as Oct 1674,

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