? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Johann Kahle  

Birth:        1656 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany
Death:        after 1720 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Cordt Kahle (*1636 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany ✝︎>1689 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany)
Mother:    Heydorns (*c1635 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany)

Married	Anna Lucia Gersten (*1661 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany ✝︎>1698)
	     about 1683 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany
    1. Johann Hinrich Kahle (*1683 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany)
    2. Johann Friedrich Kahle (*c1690 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany)

Meiermann (Halbmeyer with 24 Morgen of land). Vogt in Mardorf circa 1689, forester and Bauermeister. He had various servants, including Clamor Dankmering (born 1669), Cord Freytag (born 1675), and Anna Lütchen (born 1673).

Sources: MARDF3(Page: 90, 252), KFCG(Volume: 4, Page: 90)
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