? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Marquard Pedig  

Birth:        Wiedensahl, Hannover, Germany
Death:        1521 Wiedensahl, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Father:    Pedigk ()

Married	Hilla ()
	     1473 Wiedensahl, Hannover, Germany
    1. Hilla Pedig (*c1474 ✝︎<1549)

Mark, Peding, Peecken, Peeck. The modern version of the Pedig surname is Peeck. He came from "Pedigen Hofe", now Nr. 97 in Wiedensahl (previously thought to be Nr. 12). He was married at the Kellerey Hof in Wiedensahl. He received a license (Schutzbrief) for himself and his farm from the Count von Schaumburg in 1499, reconstructed the barn and built a bakehouse there in 1507. He gave up the Kellereihof to his son-in-law Tönnies Spanuth in 1519 and moved to the granary in the churchyard in Wiedensahl, the same granary that he had built in 1500.

WIED.26 and SP3.2 give his marriage year as 1443.

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