Eggert Family Genealogy

    Michael II Kern

Birth:        1555 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany
Death:        13 Nov 1634 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany, age listed as 79y
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Michael (Michel) I Kern (*1529 Enslingen, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1603 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
Mother:    Magdalena Berler (*1530 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1587 ⊙)

Married	Appollonia Riman (*1557 Krautheim, Baden, Germany ✝︎1627 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
	     20 Jun 1579 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany
    1. Michael III Kern (~1580 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1649 ⊙)
    2. Jörg Kern (~1583 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎c1639 Neuenstein, Württemberg, Germany)
    3. Leonhard Kern (~1585 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    4. Leonhard Kern (~1588 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1662 Schwäbisch Hall, Württemberg, Germany)
    5. Barbara Kern (~1591 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    6. Peter II Kern (~1594 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1638 Koblenz?, Rheinland, Germany)
    7. Apollonia Kern (~1597 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1646 ⊙)

Stonemason and limer. Mayor of Forchtenberg in 1625. He enlarged the house now called the Kern-Haus in Forchtenberg and in it set a stone in 1593 with the saying "Das Haus sted in Gotes Hand" (This house stands in God's hands.) His mark is on the lion mask on the gate tower of Forchtenberg, dated 1604. He carved the Doppelepitaph für Matthes Bauder und Kilian Bechberger, inside on the north wall of the choir of the Friedhofskapelle in Forchtenberg. He may have carved the epitaph for the pastor Georg Weidenhofer in Amrichshausen near Künzelsau. His mark is also on a window in the castle courtyard in Langenburg. He was the builder of the bridge across the Kocher in Ernsbach (near Forchtenberg) in 1605, commemorated on a stone tablet now mounted on the outside south side of the ground floor of the “Schlößle”, as the bridge was blown in 1945 by German troops. He carved the coat of arms for Graf Philipp von Hohenlohe, currently in the middle bay of the west wall of the Rittersaal in the Hohenlohe-Museum, Schloß Neuenstein. In 1608, the town of Ingelfingen borrowed 150 Gulden from him in order to pay for the Keßelmühle. In 1609/1610 he built the Jagstbrücke in Schöntal, on which his sculpted self-portrait is exhibited with the inscription "Michel Kern Burger zu Forchtenberg werckmeister diser Brucken. 1609". He also built the Jochbrücke over the Kocher river in Forchtenberg, which was replaced in the 19th century. He sued Sebastian Schroth 1616–1620 over an injurious accusation of witchcraft. He died during a plague.

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