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    Anna Dorothea Holl  

Birth:        about 1743 Schnelldorf, Bayern, Germany
Death:        18 Aug 1813 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
Burial:       19 Aug 1813 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Married(1) Rieger (✝︎<1779)

Married(2) Joseph Stockinger (*c1733 Unterkochen, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1812 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
	     25 Oct 1779 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
    1. Anna Barbara Stockinger (*1779 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany ✝︎1779 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
    2. Anna Catharina Stockinger (*1789 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany ✝︎1855 Mechtersheim, Pfalz, Germany)

Or Hollin, Boll. From Schnelldorf. She was listed as a vagrant in Tiefenbach in 1779. In the Heiligenstein records she is listed as Dorothea Koll.

Her husband Joseph Stockinger’s death record gives her age as 78 years in 1812, which would provide a birth year of about 1734. Her own death record gives her age as 70 in 1813, which is more likely given the year of birth of her daughter Anna Catharina.

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