? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Michael Tauscher  

Birth:        Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany
Baptism:      18 Sep 1614 Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany
Death:        14 Sep 1672 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany
Burial:       18 Sep 1672 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Marcus Tauscher (*1564 Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎1621 Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany)
Mother:    Anna Richter (✝︎1622 Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany)

Married	Christina (⚰︎1682 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany)
	     about 1635
    1. Johann Tauscher (*1637 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany ⚰︎1704 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany)
    2. Dorothea Tauscher (*c1640 ⚰︎1715 Mülsen St. Niclas, Sachsen, Germany)
    3. Rosina Tauscher (~1644 Mülsen St. Jacob, Sachsen, Germany)

Michael was orphaned at the age of 7. His guardian was Thomas Franck, a member of the council in Lichtenstein, as had been his father. His father's inheritance was eventually divided into seven portions. His father's property in the Mülsen area was sold by this guardian, probably to pay for the living expenses of his ward.

On 7 Aug 1636 he bought the late Wolf Münch's garden in Mülsen St. Jacob for 55 Gulden. But due to the difficulties caused by the Thirty Years' War, he had difficulty paying the amount over time as agreed, so on 2 Jan 1653 he and his heirs renegotiated the payments, which were then successfully completed in 1662.

He appears as a baptismal sponsor in Mülsen St. Jacob four times from 1651 to 1663.

He was mortally wounded by two murderers in the woods, who slit his throat.

Taufpaten: die wohlgeborene und edle Frau Frau Catharina Frau von Schönburgk, unsere gnedige Gräfin und Frau; Magister Johan Ebhardt wohl verordneter Pfarrer allhier, H. Bartholomeus Kretzschmar

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