? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Johannes Birckmaÿer  

Religion:     Catholic

Married(1) ____ (✝︎<1776)

Married(2) Maria Catharina Goss (~1751 Bundenbach, Pfalz, Germany)
	     26 Sep 1776 Speyer, Pfalz, Germany
    1. Christian Birckmaÿer (*1780 Rodalben, Pfalz, Germany)
    2. Johannes Birckmaÿer (*1782 Mörzheim, Landau, Pfalz, Germany)
    3. Margaretha Bürckmaÿer (*1784 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎<1843)
    4. Franz Bürckmaÿer (*1786 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)

Married(3) Margaretha Schnetzer ()
    1. Maria Anna Boerkmayer (*1801 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)
    2. Johann Wolfgang Boerckmayer (*1802 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)
    3. Barbara Bergmayer (~1804 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)
    4. Margareta Bergmayer (*1806 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)
    5. Maria Catharina Birkmayer (*1808 Klingenmünster, Pfalz, Germany)
    6. Jacob Birckmeier ()

Vagabond in Rodalben, traveling merchant in Mörzheim, then merchant in Klingenmünster. His son’s baptismal record in Rodalben indicates that he and Catharina were married in the St. German und Moritzkirche in Speyer. In 1776 he is listed in the Sankt Moritz und Sankt German records as being from “Eberstein”. In 1782 he is listed in the Mörzheim records as a traveling merchant from “Ebersheim territorii Badensis”. This is probably the Oberamt Eberstein, which included Gernsbach, Staufenberg, and Scheuern. He didn't know how to write. Identity with Johannes Boerkmayer/Boerckmayer/Bergmayer/Birkmayer, married to Margaretha Schnezer, is a guess; the latter could be his son born 1782.

Buckenmayer, Buchenmayer, Bockmeyer, including the immigrant from Riedseltz and later resident in a lesser village near Klingenmünster (married in Klingenmünster 1778) and the gardener in Weißenburg (married in Klingenmünster 1785) are almost certainly not Johannes Bürckmaÿer.

Testibus(2): D[omi]no Sebastiano Walter Reverendißimi Vicariatus Spirensis pedello, et D[omi]no Henrico Kohlmann Supra dicta Ecclesia adituo.

Sources: SPEYERKMG(⚭1776/Sep26), RODALBK(~1780/Jan7 (son Christian Birckmaÿer)), MÖRZK(~1782/Jun12 (son Johannes Birckmaÿer)), KLINGENM(⚭1778/Sep28 (Johannes Buckenmaÿer, wrong person)), KLINGENM(⚭1785#1 (Johannes Bockmeyer, wrong person)), FSDH(Batch: M96330-2, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 193149), FSDH(Batch: M98773-1, Origin: Germany-ODM, Film: 247721), FSDH(Batch: M98773-2, Origin: Germany-ODM, Film: 247630)
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