? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Sybilla Maria Pengels  

Birth:        1625
Baptism:      Quickborn, Hannover, Germany
Death:        16 Mar 1719 Kleinen Liepe, Trebel, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	Hinrich Schwenger (*1633 ✝︎1713 Liepe, Trebel, Hannover, Germany)
    1. Hans Hinrich Schwenger (~1666 ✝︎1729)
    2. Ilse Catharina Schwengers (~1669 Liepe, Trebel, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1728 Groß Breese, Trebel, Hannover, Germany)

Death date may be 10 March 1719. A Hans Pengell is listed in the 1666 Huldigungsregister des Fürstentums Dannenberg in L[üttken] Liepe.

Sources: TREBEL3, HFDAN(Page: 245b)
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