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[M]     Roch Zillmann

Birth:        about 1725
Religion:     Lutheran

Married(1) Anna Strempling (*c1727)
	     29 Nov 1750 Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany

Married(2) Zofia Brzozowskie (*c1735)
    1. Adam Zillmann (~1763 Masanken, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1822/1845 Sellnowo, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)
    2. Catharina Zillmann (~1769 Masanken, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)
    3. Paul Zillmann (~1771 Masanken, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)
    4. Helena Zillmann (~1773 Masanken, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)

Or Rochus Cylman. He was probably one of the seven recipients of an inheritable lease from the town of Rehden, signed 6 May 1778, to 14 Hufen 4 Morgen 100 Quadratruthen in the village of Masanken, for 500 Thaler and a yearly payment of 12 Thaler 60 Groschen per Hufe. This contract, approved by the Prussian crown on 9 November 1778, also gave the farmers free pasturage rights in Buk and the privilege to make beer during the harvest time, and the requirement to provide eight large cartloads of wood to the town yearly.

Roch was a witness at the marriage of Jacob Templin and Katharina Schwanke (Szwankowna) of Masanken on 30 July 1765 in Rehden.

Testibus: Christophorus Templin, Erdman Westfal

Sources: GGK(Page: 221), WPRL1772, FOTHW, REHK, WPRPF(ID: I91569)
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