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[M]     Melcher Bock

Birth:        about 1590
Religion:     Lutheran

    1. Anna Bock (*c1620)
    2. Hinrich Bock (*c1630 +<1695)

Or Melchior. He lived in Luthe Nr. 39. In 1638 he sent some seeds (Sommersaat) to Hermann Bock of W├Âlpinghausen, presumably a relative. In 1639 he had 4 Morgen of cropland, and his feudal lord was von Heimburg. He had to deliver 3 Himten of rye, 3 of barley, and 6 of oats every year for payment of his lease. In 1640 he had to quarter a Swedish quartermaster and his servant for seven weeks, including feed for three horses. They also took a horse and a pig, and three more horses had to be ransomed. The house stayed in the Bock family until at least 1880.

Sources: SCHUB1(Page: 417), LUTHE(Page: 87,221), LUTHE2, WIEMANN
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