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[M]     Heinrich Friedrich Thieße

Birth:        about 1795
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Hinrich Thieße (*1777 Schneeren, Hannover, Germany +>1832)
Mother:    Marie Wiebking ( +<1832)

Married	Anna Maria Dorothea Dannenberg (*1794 Eilvese, Hannover, Germany)
	     29 Apr 1832 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany
    1. Marie Catharine Caroline Thieße (*1832 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany +1876 Mardorf, Hannover, Germany)

Halbmeier in Schneeren Nr. 13. This property, at the time of the farmland restructuring in 1863, was 210 Hann. Morgen, 105.2 Quadratruthen in size, or 55.27 ha or 136.58 acres. This farm was devoted primarily to buckwheat and sheep farming, and was worked with oxen. He is also as Großkötner in Mardorf Nr. 18 in 1826 and Halbmeier in Mardorf Nr. 2 in 1830.

(Stadtländer) is noted after his name in the death record of his daughter Maria Katharina Karoline Vogeler.

Sources: MARDF(Page: 5–7,13), RRS2(Page: 3), SCHN(Page: 49,53,101), MARDF3(Page: 77,115,143)
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