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[M]     Jacob Buchholz

Birth:        about 1759
Death:        14 Mar 1823 Drogoslaw, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany

Married	Catharina Friedrich ( +<1823)
	     before 1791
    1. Eva Rosina Buchholz (*1801 Siedlisko, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany +1887 Lustgarten, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany)
    2. Andreas Buchholz (*1803 Ascherbruch, Netzwalde, Schubin, Posen, Germany)

Einwohner in Ascherbruch in 1803. Einsasse in Siedlisko then Einwohner in Drogoslaw at the end of his life. He died of consumption.

A widower Jacob Buchholz, Einwohner in Neu-Schottland, married Anna Rosine Lück from Skornewa in Rynarzewo on 14 Nov 1824, according to the Labischin church records. Apparently a different Jacob Buchholz.

Sources: POZP(Protestant community Łabiszyn [Labischin], entry 31 / 1825), SCHUBCIVL2(✝1867#11 (Eva Rosina Ziemke)), LAB1(✝1823#40), LAB1(~1803#137 (son Andreas Strohschein)), LAB1(⚭1824#43 (apparently a different Jacob Buchholz))
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