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[F]     Katharina Heimbrod

Married	Wilhelm Lemmersdorf (*1746 Bad Dürkheim, Pfalz, Germany +1814 Carlsberg, Pfalz, Germany)
	     about 1780
    1. Johannes Lemmersdorf (*1780 Bistum Worms, Germany)
    2. Maria Agnes Lemmersdorf (*1786 Bistum Worms, Germany)
    3. Theobald Lemmersdorf (*1787 Bistum Worms, Germany)
    4. Christina Lämmersdorfin ()

Or Margaretha. This spouse could be a conflation of two spouses.

Sources: FSGT(Batch: C96651-1, Origin: Germany-VR, Film: 247679, Reference: 2:1QD2FPM), FSGT(Batch: C96651-2, Origin: Germany-VR, Film: 247680, Reference: 2:1410JFT), FSGT(Batch: C96651-3, Origin: Germany-VR, Film: 247681, Reference: 2:PRJWKL)
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