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[M]     Hermann Wagner

Birth:        about 1680 Elsen, Paderborn, Westfalen, Germany
Death:        2 Oct 1740 Neuleiningen, Pfalz, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	Anna Maria Kann ()
    1. Anna Elisabeth Wagner ()
    2. Maria Magdalena Wagner ()
    3. Anna Christina Wagner (*1706 Höningen, Altleiningen, Pfalz, Germany +1736 Neuleiningen, Pfalz, Germany)

Woodchopper in Höningen. He came from "Elsen im Paderbornischen Land". His burial is listed in the Catholic records of Neuleiningen. He may also be the NN Wagener buried in Höningen on 17 Mar 1711 age 50.

Sources: KIN51, FSGT(Batch: C96558-1, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 193217, Reference: 15-4), RPEXT(Wattenheim church record extraction, family card for Hermann Wagner), FSTB(Batch: B39252-3, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 400505), FSTB(Batch: B39252-3, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 400505)
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