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[M]     Johann Hoffmann

Birth:        Adelsheim, Baden, Germany
Death:        between 1622 and 1628
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	Margaretha ( +1631 Adelsheim, Baden, Germany)
    1. Elisabetha Hoffmann (*c1590)
    2. Margaretha Hoffmann (*c1592)
    3. Ursula Hoffmann (*c1599)
    4. Anna Hoffmann (*c1600 Adelsheim, Baden, Germany)
    5. Hoffmann ( +1607 Adelsheim, Baden, Germany)
    6. Magdalena Hoffman (*1608 Adelsheim, Baden, Germany)

Farmer. In 1607 he was called "Rosenbergischer Bauer", that is, he was enfoeffed to the von Rosenberg nobility, probably Albrecht Christoph von Rosenberg, the last of the Rosenberg dynasty, who died in 1619 and held, among other titles, that of the Hauptmann of the Ritterkanton Odenwald.

Sources: ADELSH2, ADELSH, FSDH(Batch: M96851-8, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 1189256)
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