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[M]     Quirin Weiß

Birth:        about 1590
Death:        6 Aug 1668 Crumstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Henrich Weiß (*c1550 Crumstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany)

    1. Hans Henrich Weiß (*c1610 Crumstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany)

Lived in Crumstadt about 1600. He appears in the Buchtum Erbleihvertrag of 1617 as Kirem Weiß, and in the Schadensverzeichnis von Mansfeld of 1622 as Cirin Weiß.

CRUMOFB gives his name as Christoph.

Sources: WEISS2, CRUMHB(Page: 145), CRUMOFB(Page: 1034, ID: 4345)
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