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[M]     Johann Philipp Schweichard

Birth:        about 1660
Death:        after 1696
Religion:     Catholic

Married	Anna Apolonia Orning (*c1660)
    1. Salomon Schweickert (*1685 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany +1738 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)
    2. Johann Georg Schweickhart (*1691 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)

He served as a marriage witness to Wendel Dinckel and the widow Otilia Dollin on 11 Jan 1695 in Bellheim, and to Alexander Peter and Anna Catharina, daughter of the late Johann Georg Schweichart of Bellheim on 11 Jan 1695 in Lengenfeld [probably Lingenfeld]. He was also a marriage witness for Georg Diel and Anna Barbara Lumerin on 17 Jan 1696 in Bellheim, where he signed his name Hanß Filibus Schweicker.

Sources: FSGT(Batch: C99402-1, Origin: Germany-ODM, Film: 247584), BELLH, ULLM7
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