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[M]     Steffan or Martin Zimmermann

Father:    Jakob Zimmermann ()

    1. Steffan Zimmermann ( +1613 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany)

Both Steffan and Martin Zimmermann are possible fathers of Steffan Zimmermann of Alsterweiler/Maikammer.

Steffan Zimmermann was named in the Altdorfer Dorfrechnung 1564 as "ist dis Jar angangen", also in 1566/70, 1572/74, 1584/88, his widow 1589/94, also as Zimmer/Zymmer. (PRFK 13/11/567)

Martin Zimmermann is named in Alsterweiler in the Volkszählung des Hochstiftes Speyer 1530 as a subject of Pfalz-Zweibrücken, and had one child.

Sources: KIN46(ID: 12344)
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