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[F]     Auguste (Justine) Krüger

Birth:        24 Sep 1835 Butzig, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
Baptism:      30 Sep 1835 Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
Confirmation: about 1850
Death:        4 Jul 1932 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States
Burial:       6 Jul 1932 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Krüger (*c1800 +>1861)
Mother:    Christine (Justine) Jahnke (*1806 Westpreußen?, Germany +1892 Hoskins, Wayne, Nebraska, United States)

Married	August Friedrich Nehring (*1833 Neu-Laskowitz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany +1903 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States)
	     11 Apr 1858 Osche, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
    1. Ernest Julian Nehring (*1862 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany +>1903)
    2. Herman Otto Nehring (*1864 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany +<1881)
    3. Wilhelmina Therese Nehring (*1865 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany +1933 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)
    4. Augusta Nehring (*1867 Germany +1935 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States)
    5. Betha Amalia Nehring (*1870 Jeszewo, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)
    6. Anna Nehring (*1873 Germany +1901 Richardson, Nebraska, United States)
    7. Hermann Nehring (*c1878 Germany +>1903 near Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States)

Her baptismal record gives her name as Justine, but she was called Auguste in most other records. Auguste was confirmed at the age of 14. She came to the US with her husband and children in 1881. She never learned English. After her husband's death, she remained in Winside until at least 1910, then lived near Lyons with her daughter Wilhelmina and son-in-law August Eggert, then with just her daughter, from the spring of 1917 to her death in 1932.

Taufpaten: Jungg. Gottlieb Krüger, Jgfr. Caroline Müller ebenda

CEN1900 gives her birthdate as Sep 1834.

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