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[M]     Johann Lichtenberger

Birth:        Reichertshausen?, Württemberg, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Married	Catharina Hoffmann ()
	     26 Nov 1618 Dahenfeld, Württemberg, Germany
    1. Anna Ursula Liechtenberger (*1619 Dahenfeld, Württemberg, Germany)
    2. Johann Lichtenberger (*1624 Dahenfeld, Württemberg, Germany +1675 Oedheim, Württemberg, Germany)
    3. Anna Maria Lichtenberger (*1632 Dahenfeld, Württemberg, Germany)

Moved from Reichertshausen to Dahenfeld about 1623.

Sources: DAHEN1, DAHENLB(Page: 36), FSDH(Batch: M95738-1, Origin: Germany-VR, Film: 891725, Reference: 2:1VVDN9G)
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