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[F]     Katharina

Birth:        1555
Death:        5 Dec 1636 Elnhausen, Hessen-Kassel, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	Johannes Gerst, Pastor (*<1561 M√ľnchhausen (am Christenberg), Hessen-Kassel, Germany +>1624 Husum?, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    1. Caspar Gerst, Pastor (*c1590 Elnhausen, Hessen-Kassel, Germany +1664 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    2. Wilhelm Daniel Gerst, Pastor (*1600 Elnhausen, Hessen-Kassel, Germany +1670 Erda, Hessen-Kassel, Germany)

ELNH775 gives her death date as 5 7bris 1636, but judging from the order of the transcribed death records, that is possibly a wrong transcription of 5 Xbris.

Sources: WORLDC(Database: m2abrybenson, ID: I1036), TEXTOR(ID: I1119), AHNENT1800, ELNH775(Page: 559)
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