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[M]     Matthias Gerst, Pastor

Death:        after 1584
Religion:     Lutheran

    1. Johannes Gerst, Pastor (*<1561 Münchhausen (am Christenberg), Hessen-Kassel, Germany +>1624 Husum?, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)

Schoolmaster in Münchhausen. Pastor in Maulbach (to which parish also Appenrod and Dannenrod were affiliated) from 1561 until at least 1584. In 1583 he petitioned that Erbenhausen and perhaps also Lehrbach be added to the Maulbach parish, for his salary was too small, and they had need of a pastor.

Sources: AHESSPF(Page: 446,523), HassSacrI(Page: 457), REFHESS(Page: 86,90), TEXTOR(ID: I1120), AHNENT1800, GIESSOFB(ID: I70322)
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