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[F]     Maria Magdalena Wilckenings

Birth:        1636
Death:        after 1689
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	Justus Henrich Engelbert Gersten, Pastor (*1630 +1686 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    1. Anna Lucia Gersten (*1661 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany +>1698)
    2. Maria Elisabet Gersten (*1667 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    3. Otto Friedrich Gersten (*1673 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    4. Catharina Dorothea Gersten (*1674 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)

Stayed in Husum after the death of her husband. In 1686 she had a hired hand named Wilhelm Twachtmann from Schessinghausen (26 years old), a maid Anna Lösekens from Bolsehle (25 years old), a young maid Maria Lürings (15 years old), and a shepherd boy Heinrich Lüring from Linsburg (18 years old). In 1689, the only servant mentioned is the maid Geseke Meyers, wife of Heinrich Busch in Husum (23 years old).

Sources: HB10, KFCG(Volume: 3, Page: 159,161), HUSUM
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