Eggert Family Genealogy

    Jürgen Ludwig Vogeler

Birth:        about 1700 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany
Death:        Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany, age listed as 45y
Burial:       27 Apr 1745 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann (Hans) Vögeler jun (~1651 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany ⚰︎1719 ⊙)
Mother:    Maria Rungen (~1658 Stöckse, Hannover, Germany ⚰︎1734 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany)

Married(1) Catharina Ilse Volberding ()
	     27 Nov 1721 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany, Divorced

Married(2) Metke Dawel (~1702 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1755 ⊙)
	     1726 Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany
    1. Johan Dieterich Vögler (~1727 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany ✝︎Mardorf?, Hannover, Germany)
    2. Johan Hinrich Vögler (~1729 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany)
    3. Anne Catharine Vögler (~1732 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany)
    4. Anna Ilsa Dorthie Vögler (~1734 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany)

He was divorced from his first wife in 1725 due to adultery with Mette Dauel, whom he married in Ottensen bei Altona and then joined the army. He served as a musketeer in the Braunschweig-Lüneburg army, Regiment Nr. 7 under Major von Campe, 1727-1729 and was still a soldier in 1732. This regiment was stationed in Wunstorf and vicinity from 1717 to 1741.

Birthyear estimated from age at death. Despite an intensive search, his baptism was not found in the Steimbke church records. His marriage in Ottensen could not be found in the Ottensen Christianskirche marriage register or in the Altona Hauptkirche St. Trinitatis regular or external marriage registers.

Sources: STEIMBKEV(⚭1721#10), STEIMBKEV(⚭1727#2 (ex-wife Catharina Ilse Volberding)), STEIMBKEV(~1727#10 (son Johan Dieterich Vögler)), STEIMBKEV(⚰︎1745#4), HM3(Item: A, ID: 448), VOGELER, MARDFG20191102D2(ID: W2303)
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