? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Wilcken Spanuth  

Birth:        about 1494
Death:        between 1564 and 1583
Religion:     Catholic, then Lutheran

Father:    Tönnies Spanuth (*c1470 Wiedensahl, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1547)
Mother:    Hilla Pedig (*c1474 ✝︎<1549)

Married	Gretheke ()
	     before 1547
    1. Hans Spanuth (✝︎<1630)
    2. Didrich (Tile) Spanuth (*c1520 Wiedensahl, Hannover, Germany)
    3. Spanuth ()

Inherited a part of his father's farm, "Stätte am Sahle", about 4 hectares, later Wiedensahl Nr. 78. He was a good farmer and was able to increase the size of his land to 6 hectares. The later generation had a Brinksitzerstelle. After he died, Jasper Hennecke worked the farm until his son Hans Spanuth inherited it in 1608.

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