? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Magdalena Cupertin  

Birth:        about 1646
Death:        3 Apr 1721 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
Burial:       Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Married	Johann Georg Groskopf (*c1641 ✝︎1713 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
	     12 Nov 1669 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany
    1. Johann Georg Groskopf (~1671 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany ✝︎1739 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
    2. Maria Barbara Groskopf (~1674 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
    3. Maria Elisabetha Groskopf (~1680 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
    4. Anna Maria Groskopf (~1683 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany)
    5. Catharina Barbara Groskopf (*1689 Tiefenbach, Baden, Germany ⚰︎1723 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)

She is listed as Catharina Barbara in the Bellheim marriage record of her daughter Catharina Barbara. But that was probably an error duplicating her daughter’s name.

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