? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Helena Wühlhauk  

Birth:        about 1763
Death:        17 Feb 1791 Wiesental, Baden, Germany
Burial:       18 Feb 1791 Wiesental, Baden, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Married	Martin Ikes (*c1757 ✝︎>1791 Wiesental, Baden, Germany)
    1. Johannes Ickas (*1787 Philippsburg, Baden, Germany ✝︎1845 Heiligenstein, Pfalz, Germany)

Or Wilhauk. Her age at death is listed as 28 years. A Valentin Willhauck is listed in the Heiligenstein records as passing away on 5 Nov 1774 in Weyher, and a Johannes Wilhauck, son of the late Jacob Wilhauck of Weyher on 4 Jan 1777 at age 20.

PHILOFB estimates her birthdate as 1757, probably just calculated as a generation of 30 years before the birth of her son.

Sources: PHILK(*1787#14 (son Johannes Ickas)), WIESENTK(✝︎1791#6), HARTBF(Page: 316, ID: 1077), PHILOFB(ID: A0322426), HEILG(✝︎1774/Nov5 (same surname Valentin Willhauck)), HEILG(✝︎1777/Jan4 (same surname Johannes Wilhauck age 20, son of the late Jacob Wilhauck of Weyher))
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