? Eggert Family Genealogy 


Birth:        about 1660
Death:        after 1723
Religion:     Catholic

Married(1) Lorenz Hemmerig (~1651 Altheim, Baden, Germany)
    1. Maria Magdalena Hemmerich (~1680 Königshofen, Baden, Germany)
    2. Maria Barbara Hemmerig ()
    3. Johann Adam Hammerich ()
    4. Johann Balthasar Hammerich ()

Married(2) Michael Schwab (~1661 Königshofen, Baden, Germany ✝︎>1723)
	     4 Mar 1685 Königshofen, Baden, Germany
    1. Johannes Schwab (~1687 Königshofen, Baden, Germany)
    2. Pankratz Schwab (~1692 Königshofen, Baden, Germany ✝︎1752 Harthausen, Pfalz, Germany)
    3. Maria Eva Schwab (~1711 Königshofen, Baden, Germany)
    4. Maria Margaretha Schwab (~1713 Königshofen, Baden, Germany)

FSDH says Margaretha was the daughter of Lorenz Hemmerich, but in fact she was his widow. Assignment of his (likely) children as her children also is a guess; they could have been from a previous wife.

Sources: KÖNIGSHK(⚭1685/Mar4), HART(⚭1723/Jan26 (son Pankratz Schwab)), HARTBF(Page: 610, ID: 2247), ULLM7, FSGT(Batch: C95185-1, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 1047424), FSDH(Batch: M95185-1, Origin: Germany-EASy, Film: 1047424)
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