? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Johann Spannuth  

Birth:        about 1595
Death:        after 1659
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Hans Spanuth (✝︎<1630)

Married	Engel Woltemate ()
	     18 Jun 1620 Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany
    1. Margarete Spannuth ()
    2. Henrich Spannuth (~1641 Volksdorf, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany)
    3. Johann Spannuth (~1644 Volksdorf, Meerbeck, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany ✝︎>1693)
    4. Catharine Spannuth ()

In 1620 he was not listed as a house owner in Volksdorf. He inherited a farm at Volksdorf Nr. 30 from his elderly cousin Alheit Holle née Bose. Her husband Herman Hollen had passed away, and they had agreed that the farm should go to someone in their circle of acquaintances. His new wife was also known on the farm in Volksdorf. In exchange, the widow Holle was permitted to live on the farm, eat and drink with the young couple, help with the work as far as she was able, keep one pig and one plot of the garden. If there were any disagreement, she would be allowed to retain 2 morgen of land, 3 cows, and the garden plot and the pig, and if she sold the pig, she could get another from their stock.

On 15 July 1627 he served as a marriage witness for Albert Woltemate in Volksdorf. On 28 Sep 1629 he served as a marriage witness for Margrete Witwe Hartmann. On 24 May 1628 he served as guarantor for Tileke Schekell in Volksdorf and on 21 Jan 1636 and 21 April 1638 for Albert Woltemate in Volksdorf. On 20 May 1650 he served as a marriage witness in Volksdorf.

In July 1629 he, Tileke Schekel, Ludeke Wilhelm, Hans Weembbover, Johan Heine, and Tileke Hartman angrily chopped down 63 shrubs belonging to Tonnies Volckening, and destroyed a fence belonging to Johan Engelking, threatening to tear down his house and barn. They had to pay reparations in beer. In the proceedings it was asserted that Johann Spannuth did not honor the church high festivals and only grubbed for money. As he had learned to read and write, he collected the war taxes, from which he retained one thaler weekly.

On 24 February 1632, Johann was involved in trouble in Meerbeck. He had taken a firearm to Meerbeck and left it in a room. A servant, not knowing the firearm was loaded, shot it. Lutwich Hittenseman forcibly took the firearm from Johann and broke it into pieces, whereupon a fight broke out.

In 1633 he lost one horse, six cattle, and one pig to roving marauders in the Thirty Years' War.

In a marriage contract dated 15 April 1654, Johann transferred his farm and house to his daughter Margaretha and her new husband Henrich Meyer, keeping 3 morgen of land, a meadow on the Soellhorst, 2 cows and a pig, and two fruit trees for himself. A son received 15 thalers and a half dowry and another daughter, Catharine received 80 thalers and a half dowry. The latter was later reduced to 50 thalers, a cow, pillows, blankets, beds, clothes, and a half dowry.

Johann was a witness for a marriage contract in Volksdorf between his wife's niece Margreta Woltemate and Herm Seggebrock on 25 May 1659.

SP gives Johann as a son of a postulated Hans Spannuth. That reconstruction was disproved by more recent research by Ernst Spannuth, published in SP12.

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