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[F]     Anna Raschke

Birth:        Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany
Baptism:      14 May 1747 Bromberg, Posen, Germany
Death:        30 Mar 1831 Netzorter Werder, Bromberg, Posen, Germany

Married(1) Daniel Firchau ()
	     25 Nov 1762 Bromberg, Posen, Germany

Married(2) Christian Ziemke (~1740 Zielonke, Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎1807 Prondtke, Bromberg, Posen, Germany)
	     22 Jan 1794 Bromberg, Posen, Germany
    1. Jacob Zimke (*c1796 ✝︎1796 Prondtke, Bromberg, Posen, Germany)

Or Rarilken. She died of a high fever.

Taufpaten: Johann Jarlach, Dorothea NN, Frau Dorothe Klat

ZTOBIAS1.A estimates her birthdate as ca 1756 in Prondtke.

Sources: ZSTICH(Page: 9), ZTOBIAS1(Item: A), ZTOBIAS3(ID: VIII.19)
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