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    Eva Rosina Buchholz  

Birth:        1801 Siedlisko, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany
Death:        8 Feb 1887 Lustgarten, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Jacob Buchholz (*c1759 ✝︎1823 Drogoslaw, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany)
Mother:    Catharina Friedrich (✝︎<1823)

Married(1) Larff (), Divorced

Married(2) Johann Friedrich Ziemke (*1796 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎1869 Germany)
	     14 Aug 1825 Rynarzewo, Schubin, Posen, Germany
    1. Heinrich Ziemke (*1826 Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎c1910)
    2. Johann Ziemke (*1833 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎1899 Süderholm, Heide, Holstein, Germany)

Eva Rosina's divorce from her first husband was signed by the Landgericht (state court) on 5 Oct 1824 and became effective on 20 or 30 (LAB1) Jun 1825. At the time of her second marriage, she lived at Drogoslaw. Her last place of residence was Lustgarten, Kreis Schubin, Posen. Her age at death is listed as 85, which provides a birth year of probably 1801.

POZP(Łabiszyn [Labischin]) gives her maiden name as Larff and her first married name as Buchholz. SCHUBCIVL2 gives her place of birth as Siedlisko and her parents as Jacob Buchholz and Catharina geb. Friedrich. An Eva Rosina Buchholz was born in Siedlisko on 22 Jun 1804 to Einlieger in Siedlisko Johann Buchholz and Marianne geb. Reich. It could be that this is the sought Eva Rosina Buchholz and that later she was brought up by Jacob Buchholz and Catharina Friedrich.

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