? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Caspar Gerst, Pastor  

Birth:        about 1590 Elnhausen, Hessen-Kassel, Germany
Death:        11 Apr 1664 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany
Burial:       Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johannes Gerst, Pastor (*<1561 Münchhausen (am Christenberg), Hessen-Kassel, Germany ✝︎>1624 Husum?, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
Mother:    Catharina (*1555 ✝︎1636 Elnhausen, Hessen-Kassel, Germany)

Married	Margrete (✝︎>1664 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)
    1. Justus Henrich Engelbert Gersten, Pastor (*1630 ✝︎1686 Husum, Nienburg/Weser, Hannover, Germany)

Also called Gerstmann, Gerstig, Gerstmar, and Westermann. He was schoolmaster in Mandelsloh for three years, in Wölpe for four years, and then in Loccum. He fled the monastery in Loccum (as did everyone) in 1625 during the Thirty Years' War. His clothes and several books were stolen from him near Sachsenhagen. In 1626 the residents of Husum (now Husum Kreis Nienburg/Weser) hired him to replace their previous pastor, who had fled to Wolfenbüttel after Tilly had burned his house and a third of Husum with it. The text of their letter of 18 March 1626 to the duke for his consent to the hiring is still extant. Gerst was named as pastor on 28 April 1626.

In 1641 he was temporarily suspended from preaching in Husum because he withheld confession from some people without grounds, increased the confession fees, and removed some pews from the church. For four weeks the pastor in Schneeren delivered the sermons in Husum.

In 1664 he had a maid named Anna Küker.

Caspar Gerst served in Husum until his death in 1664. The superintendant from Neustadt, Jessaeus, promised him before his death to help his son become pastor in Husum, which he did.

Pastor Gerst was described as a pious, exemplary man, well founded in philosophy and theology, granted by God with a considerable talent for preaching, and well received by his congregation because of his piety.

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