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[M]     Egbert Kucker

Birth:        about 1534 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany
Burial:       25 Mar 1618 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Married	____ (*c1538 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany ⚰︎1624 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany)
	     about 1559 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany
    1. Bartold Kucker (*1555 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1621)
    2. Johann Kucker (*1565 Steimbke, Hannover, Germany ⚰︎1628 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany)

Or Eyrick, Eibert, Seggert. He is listed as a 40 year old (error for 50?) Kötner in the 1585 muster roll of Wenden; he owned a gun. In 1619 his farm consisted of 15 Morgen land, 2 of meadow, and had 14 cows and 14 pigs. He is also listed in the 1619 service tax list.

Sources: STEIMBKEV(✝︎1618#3), IGI(Batch: F848902, Film: 1395910, Sheet: 31), PS(Batch: F848902, Page: 31), STÖCKSE(Page: 282,284,285), STEIMBKEH1(Page: 115), BFCG(Page: 192)
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