? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Hans Davell  

Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Dauvel (*1545)

    1. Johann Dauel (*c1602 ✝︎1662 Wenden, Stöckse, Hannover, Germany)

He is listed in the service tax (Dienstgeld) list of 1617 as owing 1 Groschen 4 Pfennig, and in the meadow tax (Wiesenzins) list of the same year as owing 7 Groschen 6 Pfennig. There are two listings for a Hans Davell in the list of land and livestock owners of 1619. One owned 15 Morgen land, 3 of meadow, 14 cows, and 12 pigs. The other owned 9 Morgen land, 1 of meadow, 12 cows, and 6 pigs. These are probably the same person. In the 1615 meadow tax list, there is one Hans Dawell, and also one in the 1619 service tax.

Sources: STÖCKSE(Page: 283, 284)
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